Automotive and green energy: a winning combination


The twenty-second edition of Ecomondo, the main Italian exhibition on the green economy, ended a few days ago in Rimini. The Rimini pavilions hosted the most advanced market on circular economy and renewable energy.

About biofuels, two well-known German car manufacturers presented the latest innovations regarding hybrid-diesel and hydrogen industrial vehicles: light trucks, vans, vehicles for public services and much more.

As you know by now if you are a regular reader of this blog, Vuototecnica has been working with the automotive sector for years and has particular sensitivity to the green themes.

Over the years, the automotive-green combination led to energy-saving solutions right from the assembly line: for example, for the robotic handling of sheet metal, windows and plastic parts of cars.

AVG vacuum generator, among Vuototecnica’s flagship products in this sector, has a greater rapidity of vacuum generation inside the suction cups on the gripping members and a 40% saving of energy, in terms of compressed air. This is made possible by an adjustable and integrated pneumatic vacuum switch which interrupts the compressed air supply when the generator reaches the pre-set maximum vacuum value and reactivates it only when the vacuum level falls below the established minimum.

At the end of the cycle, by means of an electric impulse, the micro-solenoid valve is deactivated and, at the same time, the expulsion micro-valve is activated for the rapid restoration of atmospheric pressure inside the suction cups.

Standard venturi tubes, generally used on the gripping hands of the robots by the companies that produce industrial vehicles, are powered by normally open solenoid valves that remain open and consume compressed air even in case of blackout or stop.

AVG, on the other hand, operates in “Energy saving” mode, maintaining energy savings even in total absence of electrical power, thanks to the micro-valve for controlling the compressed air and the vacuum switch with pneumatic signal, thus avoiding the loss of load.

To learn more and choose the most advanced and green solutions in the vacuum generation sector, write to Vuototecnica designers.