Moving glass jars from the pallet to the conveyor belt is simple with Octopus


Moving object files to and from pallets is not easy.

Palletizing objects from different types of pallets can cause a problem of coplanarity on the gripping surface, especially when the objects are different from each other.

This is the case of glass jars, of different diameters, which you can see in the video below.

In this specific application, the customer’s aim was to load as many jars as possible in these conditions of unevenness on the conveyor belt, without human intervention and in fairly short times.

To further complicate the situation, it may also happen that wooden pallets are slightly deformed or distorted.

Octopus is the best solution to deal with these problems.

As you can see in the video, when the outer perimeter of the jars is higher than the central area, Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system is able to load all the jars in a double grip and despite the Octopus gripping surface is not fully in grip.

All this is the result of a careful calculation of the suction capacity of the system according to the maximum uncovered

Finally, if you follow us regularly, you already know that Octopus allows the taking of objects without having to change or place suction cups and even when their surface occupies only 5% of the entire suction plane.

This is a positive thing because it can handle pallets even different from each other according to the number and shape of objects that compose it.

For more information on Octopus applications on pallets:


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