In the following video you can see in action Octopus SO 20 30 J, combined with a robot for palletizing rice bags inside boxes.

As you can see, the Octopus plates take the bags without deforming or breaking them, in a firm manner, and transport them inside the boxes precisely.

The Octopus system, as we already said other times, has a vacuum generator powered by compressed air; an anodized aluminum box; a microfine mesh filter on the suction side, easy to maintain and made of stainless steel, to protect the generator; and finally, the suction plate.

In this specific case, the top has a spongy gasket which limits the deformation of the bag during gripping and ensures uniform contact with the entire surface, avoiding breakage to the packaging and loss of vacuum.

Finally, Octopus heads can be implemented on any type of robot.

It is available in different configurations and sizes and it is possible to provide for the customization of the vacuum plate, even for a few pieces, with a 3D printer.

These are all features that make Octopus the most appreciated product for those who need to fill and empty pallets.

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