As we already know, vacuum can be the right ally for an infinite number of application industries and, from an environmental point of view, it is a low-impact solution, unlike many other methods of processing or managing industrial processes.

A striking example of the vocation to the green economy of vacuum is waste compactors, domestic or industrial, which use suction pumps to facilitate the process of reducing the space occupied by garbage.

In particular, at the national level, in Italy, landfills, collection and recycling plants feel this need very strongly, since waste production is now around 30 million tons, according to data from the Higher Institute for green protection and environmental research (Ispra).

The problem can be solved, at disposal plants, but also at the origin.

In fact, for urban, hospital and medical solid waste management, there are compacting machines that, thanks to the use of vacuum, are able to reduce the impact of waste on the territory.

The reduction in the volume of waste (in some cases up to 60%) implies a series of beneficial consequences for the environment and costs: a lower number of trips to landfills, with a consequent decrease in the polluting contribution of transport vehicles , and long-term savings in disposal costs.

Vuototecnica designs solutions with vacuum for every need and always pays attention to environmental impact.

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