In the following video we tell you about the gripping and handling of tights thanks to the PA70 multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generator.

The customer decided to replace the previous electric dry-running, rotary vane pump to improve the application.

From this update, thanks to new PA70 generator, the customer gained several advantages:

  • The dry-running rotary vane pump tended to overheat. This is because the tights, being a porous product, required the suction of a greater volume of air; thus causing a greater friction of the graphite rotary vane on the stator of the pump. The PA70 pneumatic generator does not generate any heat.
  • As a result of the friction, the rotary vanes of the old pump wore out even faster, while the PA pneumatic pump, having no moving parts, does not require any heavy maintenance. The only precaution for the customer is to clean the suction filter on the suction inlet from time to time. A great saving of time and money.
  • It goes without saying that the personnel works, today, thanks to the new PA pump, in a healthier and more compliant environment. Not to mention that PA70 generator is much quieter than the previous dry-running electric pump. A quantum leap!
  • With new PA70 generator, as you can see from the video, the grip efficiency has not diminished, on the contrary. Everything is done, quickly and precisely. What’s more, the result is achieved with a great saving of energy. In fact, the generator works at low operating pressure (3-4 bar) and with minimum air consumption, thanks to the multi-stage technology.

The advantages of an upgrade are many with the usual Vuototecnica quality: high standards, in addition to a 5-year warranty (the great operational reliability of the product allows similar effects, try it for yourself).

If you need to replace old rotary vane pumps or side channel impellers, in different application sectors, contact Vuototecnica’s designers at


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