From March 29th to 31st, 2023, Vuototecnica is at Mecspe, reference tradefair for manufacturing industry. The event in Bologna is an opportunity to meet customers, suppliers, distributors and new contacts in the setting of a exhibit space that embodies the company’s basic values:

  1. Knowledge, represented in the digital graphics of the booth storyboard by Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Marie Curie.
  2. Experience, symbolized by explorers such as Marco Polo, Ernest Shackleton, and leaders such as Gandhi, Helen Keller, and Nelson Mandela.
  3. Problem solving, embodied by scientists and computer scientists such as Edison, Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Richard Feynman, and Maryam Mirzakhani.
  4. Creativity, a voice empowered by writers, creatives, and artists of all times such as Picasso, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Salvador Dali, and Coco Chanel.
  5. Growth, pursued by economists and entrepreneurs such as Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Henry Ford, Walt Disney.
  6. Service, an area inspired by those who gave their lives in service to others, such as Albert Schweitzer, Florence Nightingale, and Howard Schultz.
  7. Vacuum technology, an industry that has among its forerunners great minds such as Robert Boyle, Otto von Guericke, Hermann Sprengel, Charles Chamberland, Ernst Ruska, and Daniel Bernoulli.

Each of these personalities is an inspirational symbol for the activities that take place every day in Beverate di Brivio (and in the factories of Vuototecnica’s client companies); you can find them in all their evocative power on Vuototecnica storyboard at Mecspe.

During the fair, Vuototecnica will present not only its complete catalogue, but also new technical solutions reasoned on the much-felt theme of energy savings in vacuum generation and management.
You just have to immerse yourself in history and visit booth F34, Hall 30.
Come and study the past to meet the future!


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