To evaluate an investment and understand the effectiveness of a solution, there is nothing better than to see the feasibility and benefits.

For this reason, Vuototecnica designed demonstration products, tools for divulgation and promotion, which it lends (or sells at a low price) to partner distributors who request them, such as educational-training devices during courses, open houses and trade fairs, or for presentations at end-customers’ technical offices.

The partner distributors who already used them recognised their usefulness (in terms of sales and customer interest), precisely because showing the quality of Vuototecnica components and the effectiveness of the applications is the best choice for everyone’s satisfaction.

We start with the Vacuum Training Box (VT BOX). Everything there is to know, or almost everything there is to know, about vacuum technology, about the secrets of a world full of technology and know-how, is in this case, which contains a sample of the most significant Vuototecnica products. A precious educational and informative tool that Vuototecnica makes available. A real complete kit that guarantees an overview of the entire world of vacuum, its uses, the technology that allows its exploitation. The metal suitcase is a trolley, easily transportable.

We continue with the test bench, for the choice of suction cups – BT01. The device is equipped with six vacuum grips and two pneumatic grips, and allows, as you can imagine from the name, to carry out vacuum gripping tests or with Bernoulli pneumatic suction cups on the objects to be picked or moved, for the correct choice of suction cups. It is a useful tool both for training technical personnel and for carrying out gripping and porosity tests with Vuototecnica suction cups on end customer samples. Which, of course, facilitates interest and acquisition. The device is already equipped with a vacuum generator and only needs to be connected to the compressed air and power line.

To demonstrate, instead, the suction and transfer of dust and granulates, Vuototecnica designed the CONVY01 unit. The particular conformation of the CX flow generators with which this unit is equipped and their principle of straight flow operation allow the suction and transfer of different types of products. This equipment, like the one just described, is recommended for exhibition at trade fairs, in showrooms or test rooms, for practical demonstrations of suction and transfer of dust, granules, sawdust, chips. Also in this case, it is only necessary to connect it to the compressed air and the electrical power line.

Finally, for handling objects with special vacuum suction cups and grippers Vuototecnica supplies the equipped robot VACBOT. The robot is fixed to a worktop, which can be programmed using a special keyboard and servo-assisted by a mini vacuum pump and a compressor (these are enclosed inside a metal cabinet on wheels). The robot can be configured and equipped in many ways, for gripping with suction cups or small Octopus planes, with repetitive gripping programs to better convey the idea of the gripping capabilities of different objects. Once again, it is the ideal tool for trade fairs or show rooms, because seeing it work highlights the potential of using vacuum in the automation, and handling sector in general. In this case, all you need is a connection to the power line.

To find out more about Vuototecnica’s demonstration and educational devices, request them on loan or purchase them, please contact the technical office:


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