Face-to-face courses and anti-Covid protocols: we don’t give up on training


At Vuototecnica, training remains important even in times of social distancing. Despite the difficult health crisis, it is not possible to put such important moments for the creation of skills and the exchange of experiences on hold. It would mean surrendering to the lack of progress for the future.

For this reason, the company continues to organize refresher courses for distributor-partners at the Beverate di Brivio (LC) headquarters.

The choice of proposing training meetings, with an adequate number of participants and respecting the anti-Covid safety protocol, proved satisfactory for everyone during the last appointments.

Meeting for comparison and professional growth is in fact possible to defeat the isolation in which we found ourselves since the outbreak of the pandemic and return to have, even with all the cautions, an interaction and the opportunity to grow, both humanly and professionally.

To learn more about the courses, find Vuototecnica contacts at www.vuototecnica.net.


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