Interior doors production shifted from a totally artisan process to a semi industrial one in recent years, and the wood sector also undergone a transformation in interior design.

For this reason, tools for manipulating wood at a more sustained speed were necessary, while still guaranteeing the same quality and care as handmade products.

Vuototecnica provided support for this need by devising various solutions: from suction cups with ball shutters integrated into the work surface of CNC machines for wood panel processing, to Octopus bars for moving wood strips or panels; from silent and high-performance vacuum generators for wood panel stackers, to ejectors with integrated counter-blowers to prevent clogging by chips and dust.

All solutions we often talked about, here on the blog, and for which it is possible to consider ad hoc customizations, according to needs.

It doesn’t matter whether the doors are smooth, raw, lacquered or decorated, Vuototecnica can guarantee a solution in all cases.

To learn more, browse the blog with the keyword “woodworking industry” or contact Vuototecnica designers at


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