OCTOPUS SPECIAL: Single or multi


Sometimes there is a need for special gripping solutions, customized to the type of application. This is the case with the Octopus vacuum gripping systems installed on these robots for palletizing boxes.

In this sense, Vuototecnica offers multiple opportunities for customising the Octopus System vacuum box.

The Octopus in the first video is equipped with a single suction box that picks up different boxes, adapting to them and concentrating the vacuum on the picking surface through a system of self-excluding valves.

In this way, the Octopus is able to maintain vacuum and grip in a solid manner that respects the load to be lifted and moved.

When it comes to optimizing times and facilitating palletizing, two grips are better than one: notice in the second video how the Octopus, equipped with a double suction box, picks up two boxes together and once it reaches the pallet releases the first one, keeping the second one in its grasp, and then positions this one in its place.

Such flexibility in gripping speeds up the job and allows for unparalleled precision and fit.

To find out which Octopus is right for you, contact the Vuototecnica technical office at www.vuototecnica.net.


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