You are already familiar with the unique features of Vuototecnica’s Octopus vacuum gripping system.

In the following video, the Octopus SO 40 60 X is the real star of a one-man show.

As you can see, applied to the robot, it takes care of the construction of a pallet by itself, first taking a pallet, then moving the cardboard interlayer used as a base, and finally placing the package in its place.

The flexibility in gripping is a peculiarity of the Octopus system, able to move objects of different material and weight without the end user having to replace the gripping hands. This feature is even more enhanced by the possibility of gripping objects even when their surface covers only 5% of the suction surface.

In addition, the Octopus can operate vertically, horizontally, at an angle and even upside down with respect to the object gripping plane.

It is the perfect ally in palletizing and depalletizing systems and in all those cases where operational flexibility in handling is needed.

To find out which Octopus is right for you, you can contact Vuototecnica’s designers at


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