In the following video you can see Vuototecnica’s Vacupredator suction cups in action in gripping and releasing packets of fries.

This is the ideal solution for such packages containing friable materials because handling does not affect the contents or the wrapper, while keeping both intact, and at the same time no accidental drops occur.

Notice how the pouches are placed on top of each other with care and precision.

Vacupredators allow for fast movement and firm gripping of the pouches, despite the unevenness of the surface: in fact, they have a slotted plate, which allows the pouch to fit over the suction cup, and a special spongy rubber gasket that prevents perimeter vacuum leaks by accommodating the creases that form on the package.

Mountable on all types of robots, Vacupredators are available in round or elliptical configurations and in different sizes, with opportunity for customization.

To view technical specifications:


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