In the packaging industry, filler material is an important choice to reduce shock during the transportation of products or to better contain them.

Among the most popular packaging materials is tissue paper, which is mainly used to pack delicate products and fill gaps inside packages while keeping the goods in place.

Foam sheets, on the other hand, are a good alternative when we need to protect the contents of the package from moisture – that’s why they are very often chosen for sea transport. In different shapes and sizes, they can also function as partitions.

Finally, there are cornstarch chips, inflatable packaging or polyethylene bags, foam profiles, plastic straw and many other filling and packaging materials.

The variety of solutions depends on the variety of products and performance in relation to the type of packaging required.

There is a lot to get lost in such a vast world that requires for manufacturers a good deal of updating and technical help.

In such a vast selection of filling and packaging materials, the end customer also has to deal with the automatic handling on their own assembly and packaging production lines.

So here is where Vuototecnica comes to the rescue of its customers in packing products, from boxing to pallets, in many industries, with an eye always on customization and the type of material being handled.

Suction cups, vacuum sources, vacuum gripping systems, filters and various accessories can be chosen depending on the application.

To learn more and find the right solution for you, please contact Vuototecnica’s designers at


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