SCARA robot and FVG partners in robotic pick&place


In the pick-and-place of small components, SCARA robots are a good solution: compact, accurate, fast, reliable, and easily programmable for repeatability.

These are all features that the vacuum source must be able to implement, in order not to undermine the efficiency of the arm.

In the video you can see one of these robots in action, equipped with Vuototecnica’s FVG generator (visible on board, thanks to its bright blue color).

Fast Vacuum Generator is perfect when it comes to gripping and releasing operations at very high frequency (<30 msec) and is based on Venturi principle. It allows incredible speeds, as you can see from the video, proactively reacting to very short working-cycles. It has maximum output even at low supply pressures.

If desired, the customer can decide to activate or exclude, by acting on a membrane, the generation of a pneumatic counter-blow to facilitate the release phase of the part.

FVG is the ideal partner in this type of application because of its performance, but also because of its light weight, which is essential to meet the needs of more compact robots such as SCARAs, flexible pickers and “spiders”.

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