To retain small impurities and fine dust, in dry, non-oily environments, and keep the flow rate of vacuum generators efficient, Vuototecnica has come up with small in-line paper filters to be installed near suction cups or vacuum gripping systems, right on the vacuum piping.

The special feature of these paper-cartridge FCL filters is that their cylindrical Plexiglas body allows operators an immediate visual check of the situation and thus also fractional filtering on the system. For Vuototecnica, transparency is the key, every step of the way.

The two anodized aluminum flanges held by seeger rings house female or male threaded connections and seals.

The yellow treated paper cartridge has a filtration rating of 7 μ and, as you can see from the photos, is pleated: this expedient greatly increases the filtering surface area and allows for a smaller footprint with the same efficiency.

You can easily replace the paper cartridge once it has done its job.

FCLs not for you? Vuototecnica has a wide range of filters for every eventuality, including situations where steam or oil are present.

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