Vuototecnica further enhances its already popular FCL in-line filter series. Four new sizes have been added to the family. And they all retain the qualities that have made the FCL series a favourite choice:

  1. compactness, allowing easy installation even in the tightest spaces;
  2. optimal visibility, thanks to a transparent Plexiglas design that makes it easy to monitor the status of the filter cartridge;
  3. ability to retain impurities and very fine dust, with negligible interference with flow rate;
  4. ease of inspection and maintenance, to guarantee constant performance over time with minimum effort.

The great novelty of the new models lies not only in their size but also in their customisation: Vuototecnica now offers a choice of suction cartridges made from different materials.

With the RP, RS and RA filtration options, users can select the most suitable solution for their specific needs.

The RP series features a quick-connect, double O-ring seal filter cartridge made of pleated paper. The RS series a quick-connect, double O-ring seal filter cartridge made of pleated polypropylene mesh. The RA series a quick-connect filter cartridge with double O-ring seal, made of AISI 304 stainless steel mesh.

In total, therefore, the new additions bring the series to an amazing 12 variants. From food to electronics, choose the solution that suits you.

For more information on FCL filters and the other solutions offered by Vuototecnica, visit Specialist advice will guide you in choosing the most suitable solution.


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