FCL in-line suction filters: always under control


FCL1In order to block the impurities and dust produced during the packaging of bulk products, even the finest particles, Vuototecnica offers FCL in line suction filters with paper cartridges.

These filters offer a wide range of advantages, including a compact size, visual inspection facilitated by a transparent Plexiglas body, interchangeable threaded connection flanges in anodized aluminium, and the maintenance of flow capacity even with the partial obstruction of the filter cartridge itself.

FCL filters are unlike any other filter currently available on the market. In fact, they’re designed specifically for handling vacuum operations and, thanks to their internal geometry, are even capable of ensuring a much greater cross-section and suction flow than any other in-line filter.

The complete visibility afforded by the Plexiglas allows for the cartridge’s clogging status to be assessed instantaneously. And even more importantly, these filters can be fully inspected. In fact, they can be opened at any time and the paper cartridge can be easily cleaned using compressed air.

These products offer clear advantages when compared to the single-use disposable filters normally used with packaging machinery. Even in terms of reduced maintenance time.

With FCL filters, you’ll always have everything under control. Based on the user’s specific requirements, these filters can be installed directly upon the vacuum piping near vacuum cups, vacuum clamping systems and various other utilities. The end user can even realize ad hoc configurations thanks to the various types of threading available for the aluminium cylinder heads.



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