The Vuototecnica siphon filter system with automatic by-pass


Situations involving the suctioning of fluids containing large amounts of condensates and liquids can be complicated by the need for regular discharge operations.

For this reason, Vuototecnica has come up with an intelligent solution for the filtration of these types of liquids: the siphon filter system with automatic by-pass. Thanks to its two containers connected by an automatic by-pass and its three-way vacuum interception solenoid valve, this system wastes neither time nor money by emptying the accumulated liquid into the first container while continuing to filter through the second, with no interruptions and without altering the vacuum levels.

This tool can be further adapted to meet the user’s specific needs by regulating the discharge of the suctioned liquid itself. In addition to the two plexiglass siphon filters and solenoid valves, the unit also comes equipped with an electric control unit, which is contained within in a watertight metal box, as well as a painted steel frame, upon which all of the components are mounted.

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