Vuototecnica PVP1 vacuum generators: maintenance prolongs product life


Vuototecnica always provides customers with the opportunity to perform maintenance on their products. Everything must always be under control, all components must be easily removable and visible. Considering that to ensure ideal operation, all products require consistent maintenance, the ability to perform this task without wasting time and money is of vital importance to any manufacturer.

Vuototecnica’s PVP1 venturi in-line single-stage vacuum generators are also fully inspectionable and cleanable, unlike many of the competitors’ products made of plastic.

If you don’t want discard the plastic in-line Venturi because you are not able to access the nozzles, you can use Vuototecnica’s PVP1. In the PVP1 ejector, the nozzles are made of anodized aluminium and do not warp their design shape, not even in the presence of compressed air contaminated by liquids or impurities, thus maintaining the same consumption and air flow rate characteristics for the entire duration of their life.

The vacuum generators of this series operate using the Venturi principle, they don’t occupy much space as they can be easily assembled to the suction cup supports or on cup holders and are especially quiet.

To learn more about the technical characteristics of the PVP1 generators, download the free pdf catalogue from


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