Open jars: with Octopus, no losing games


When there is a need to handle open jars in large quantities, whether they are made of glass or other materials, it is always difficult to figure out which handling solution will do the trick, since very often these are fragile objects and with traditional suction cups it could be a losing game.

The cavity of the jars could, in fact, make gripping difficult or unstable.

That’s why Vuototecnica has come up with a special application of its top product, the Octopus vacuum system equipped with PH series gripping plates, to solve this case.

In the following video you can see in action a robot implemented with Octopus in the act of moving open glass jars from the pallet to the line:

Note the reliability of the seal and the total immobility of the jars: these are very important features in order not to damage the objects, which in this way arrive at the conveyor belt intact and ready to enter other stages of production and/or packaging.

A plus of this application is that Octopus‘ well-known flexibility allows the user to take jars of different mouth diameters without having to change the gripper plate.

To learn more about Octopus, browse the Vacuum Solutions catalogue available free at


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