The forefathers of vacuum technology include several scientists; more intensively the research has focused since the 17th century.

The concept of vacuum attracted the interest of eclectic personalities since ancient Greece and the Hellenistic age, but the first to theorize about the properties of vacuum was Otto von Guericke, a politician, jurist and physicist who in 1650 invented the first pneumatic piston pump to demonstrate the force of atmospheric pressure and conduct experiments by creating vacuum artificially.

It meant dealing with the forces of nature, and many others soon became interested in the subject. Such as Robert Boyle: a British physicist and chemist, known for his studies on pressure and vacuum and especially for the law that was named after him describing the behavior of gases under pressure.

In the 18th century, Daniel Bernoulli, a Swiss physicist and mathematician, studied the relationship between pressure and fluid velocity. His equation, which describes the conservation of energy in a fluid flow, is still used today in the design of pumps and vacuum systems. Bernoulli also conducted experiments to create artificial vacuums using air pressure. A system still at the base, for example, of Bernoulli’s vacuum suction cups.

Tracing the experiments of many other scientists, successful and unsuccessful, we come to the 19th century, with Hermann Sprengel, a German chemist, known for creating the mercury pump, which was stronger than earlier ones, and Charles Chamberland, a French microbiologist known for developing a filtration chamber used to separate microbes from solutions. Chamberland’s invention enabled, among other things, the development of vaccines and the purification of water, improving people’s life expectancy.

Leaping a bit further ahead, Ernst Ruska, in the 20th century, applied vacuum to the electron microscope instrument to be able to create high-resolution images of very small objects. His invention completely revolutionized biology, medicine and materials science.

Here you will find only a very few names, but if you want to go deeper you will find an entire world.
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