What makes one customer service better than another? Certainly on-call availability, the ability to solve problems in a responsive manner, but when taking customer satisfaction balances at the end of the day what really makes the difference is the ethics and care shown on behalf of others, a lifelong devotion that goes beyond just support work and makes customers feel at home.

Vuototecnica understood this and took its inspiration, once again, from those who knew how to give their best by dedicating themselves to others.

People like Albert Schweitzer, a philosopher, theologian, musician and doctor from Alsace, who worked for a long time as a missionary in Africa promoting justice, peace and devoting himself unsparingly to caring for the sick and indigent. Or, staying in the medical sphere, the well-known war nurse Florence Nightingale, around whom heroic legends are crowded, derived from her service to soldiers during the Crimean War, and to civilians once she returned home in promoting public health.

Coming out of the health field, examples do not lack in the corporate sector either. We have all been to Starbucks at least once (or heard of it). Howard Schultz created a company from a business model of putting service at the center, proposing the creation of a warm and familiar atmosphere in the stores: welcoming and caring for the customer first. Profits were not slow in coming, as well as the soddsifaction and happiness of customers.

If you would like to learn more about Vuototecnica’s service choices and meet the people in this company department directly, find contact information at www.vuototecnica.net.


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