In the following video you can see in action Vuototecnica Octopus bars mounted on a wood panel unstacker, an application that Vuototecnica is proud to present not only because of its extreme effectiveness, but also because it is the result of collaboration with the distributor-partner in Mantua: Ptechno srl and its owner Mr. Matteo Graziani.

As you can notice from the video, the most obvious aspect of this application is that there are no valves that the operator usually has to open and close manually when dealing with classic manipulators, consisting of many suction cups and cup holders. Installations that, while effective, carry with them some critical issues of use, footprint and flexibility.

The unstacker you can see in the video, on the other hand, equipped with Octopus bars, performs its task with extreme smoothness and simplicity regardless of the size of the wood panels it has to lift.

The six Octopus bars have been mounted perpendicular to the length of the panels, and the customer can handle different formats.

As we have seen in other applications, the Octopus sponge rubber gripper plates can pick up different products even if they do not completely cover the suction area of the boxes or bars.

This is accomplished by calibrated suction holes or self-excluding valves; internal to Octopus boxes and bars and concentrating the vacuum only where they actually come in contact with the object to pick up.

Finally, in favor of a more rational and simple system, all Octopus bars are individually equipped with their own pneumatic (multistage) vacuum generators, which makes them independent of each other, a surplus for compressed air energy savings. For shorter or lighter formats, the end customer can in fact decide to activate fewer Octopus bars, without the hassle of valves or bulky space.


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