Updating leading products at Vuototecnica goes hand in hand with customer needs.

For small vacuum packaging machines, but also for the management of suction cups take-up and release on board machines where housing spaces are rather tight (and to the advantage of faster emptying times), Vuototecnica realized new solenoid valves 2-way (07 00 20) and 3-way (07 00 16) 1/8″ gas.

These are very compact solenoid valves specially designed for vacuum management and provide as much as 4 millimeters of internal suction passage hole.

Very low reaction times allow for a very high number of cycles per minute.

With this new 1/8″ gas size, the range of vacuum solenoid valves, offered by Vuototecnica, is now widened.

All Vuototecnica solenoid valves consist of an anodized aluminum body, in which the connections and passage holes are cut, and an actuator driven by an electric coil. The plug of the electric coils, made of NBR nitrile rubber or vulkollan®, is an integral part of the actuator’s moving core.

The electrical coil is standard, fully plasticized synthetic resin, watertight execution, insulation class F (up to 155 °C) to VDE standards, with 6.3 mm three-terminal electrical connections, for connector to EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650).

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