In the following video you can see Vuototecnica’s Octopus vacuum gripping system at work handling cardboard boxes, from line to pallet.

As you can see, apart from the obvious grip stability, the Octopus SO20302X allows you to move single boxes or several boxes at the same time. This is because Vuototecnica vacuum system is also effective when the gripping surface covers only 5% of the suction surface.

Its flexibility is now famous: it is in fact able to pass without problems from the handling of the cardboard box, to the wooden pallet, if desired, even in the presence of very different surfaces. Even if the boxes had different weights, it wouldn’t be a problem for The Octopus. The Octopus is undoubtedly an advantage, in economic and time terms, because you don’t have to reconfigure your gripping hand every time.

The plates are also customizable, depending on the application. You can even design them with a 3D printer.

To find out more, contact Vuototecnica designers:


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