A vacuum test can be performed to detect leaks in weld joints. Vacuum bubble tests are among the most reliable non-destructive tests. But how does it work?
Typically, a soapy solution is sprayed onto the weld and a transparent vacuum chamber is applied to the surface to be evaluated, creating a vacuum through a generator inside the chamber. Afterwards, it is assessed whether bubbles form inside the chamber, detecting any defects.

This is because a pressure difference is created between the inside of the chamber and the outside.
Thanks to this non-invasive method, even very small leaks due to micro-cracks or porosity in the affected sections can be detectedVuototecnica has significant know how in the testing of welds and vacuum-tight products. In the Vacuum Solutions catalogue it is possible to find vacuum generators and designs for testing chambers.
To find out more, you can contact Vuototecnica technicians at www.vuototecnica.net.


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