For the preservation of packaged sausages and meat, chemical additives are generally added in the food industry in quantities to ensure protection against pathogens and to maintain colour.

The European Commission has recently approved a new regulation that aims to reduce the permitted limits for the use of nitrites (E249 and E250) and nitrates (E251 and E252) by approximately twenty percent. It appears that these additives have the potential to change into nitrosamines, substances considered carcinogenic.

The food industry has a couple of years, until 2025, to adapt to the new regulations and try to balance conservation needs with product quality. It is therefore a question of finding viable and less unhealthy alternatives to the old methods.

A good way to preserve food and an alternative to additives for certain categories of products could be the use of vacuum packing, a technique that eliminates air from food while maintaining its taste, organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics.

Vuototecnica has always worked side by side with producers in the sector, providing vacuum tests, vacuum generators and other solutions.

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