The most interesting aspect of the Vacuumdaily blog is the possibility to go in-depth into the applications of Vuototecnica products.

Because it is easy to talk about “solutions”, more difficult is to show them in concrete terms and solve the problems of end users.

Browsing by category, in the Food section, it is possible to read all the articles so far dedicated to the Food and Beverage sector, to discover the latest news from Vuototecnica.

From vacuum tests for package sealing to the handling of even very complex packaging such as packages of mozzarella or crumbly products or, again, pallets of cans (cartons and tins), up to macarons, discs of parmesan cheese, pasta packages and coffee pods.

Vuototecnica suction cups, as well as vacuum generators, adhere to industry standards and improve processes in the production line and at the packaging line, whatever the product.

The vacuum generators and systems are also small and quiet, making for a more sustainable and efficient working environment.

To find out more and request a customisation, please contact the technical department at


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