We have already talked about Vacumanager and how this new integrated solution was created for the supply and management of single-stage and multi-stage vacuum generators (equipped with a check valve).

The unit encloses in a body/distributor (machined from aluminium billet and anodised): a digital vacuum switch with display, a supply valve for compressed air, a counter-blow valve, a flow regulator for the counter-blow valve.

An electropneumatic control circuit that includes all components for vacuum and counter-blow generation in a handling system equipped with suction cups and powered by pneumatic vacuum generators.

In the following video, the importance of this device can be seen intuitively:

With Vacumanager, there is any need to constantly consume compressed air. Once a vacuum has been created in the suction cups, sealing is guaranteed on all kinds of objects, whether glass, plastic or sheet metal.

In combination with Vuototecnica’s Energy saving cables (code 00 15 202 and 00 15 203), the Vacumanager is an excellent solution in terms of energy efficiency.

In addition, it is possible to manage a counter-blow which facilitates the release of the suction cup (for faster processing cycles) and which can facilitate the cleaning of the circuit in presence of dust or contaminants on the gripping surface.

To find out more, you can consult data sheets of the different products in the online catalogue.



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