Vuototecnica is waiting for you at CibusTec in Parma


From 24 to 27 October 2023 Vuototecnica is taking part in CibusTec in Parma, an event dedicated to food and beverage technology.

The event is an opportunity to show visitors live demonstration lines and products related to the food sector.

We start with Octopus vacuum gripping systems, ideal for palletising bags and food packages with liquid, dusty or solid contents (with no risk of damage or loss of load).

We then proceed with bellows suction cups and bernoulli, without contact, suction cups, combined with energy-efficient vacuum generators, vacuum control and measurement devices, for handling breakable bakery products and for firm and fast gripping of sweets and eggs (fragile products, that Vuototecnica knows how to handle).

Finally, it is possible to evaluate many other specific solutions: from magnetic silicone suction cups to prevent food contamination, to vacuum cylinders to speed up robotic gripping and pick&place, up to vacupredator suction cups, ideal for gripping bags and flexible paper or flowpack packages, containing powders, granulates, bulk products or liquids.

You can’t miss it! Vuototecnica is waiting for you in Hall 02 – Booth G 062.


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