Vacuum technology for producing solar panels


Italian government incentives for solar panel installation confirmed again for 2011. Compared to 2010, tax rebates have doubled from 5 to 10 years for those who choose a more eco-sustainable home.
Ensuring not only environmental improvement but also low expenses, solar energy has undergone remarkable development in recent years and solar panel production is destined for even further growth.
Have you ever thought about how each delicate solar cell is handled during the solar panel production process, where speed is very fast with relatively short cycle times? Vuototecnica has found the solution with BEC suction cups which make use of the Bernoulli theorem.
BEC suction cups have been specially designed to handle fragile objects such as solar cells, silicone discs, precious metal sheets and other objects that need to be handled with the utmost delicacy without any contact.
Have a look here to discover all the characteristics of these suction cups and of other Vuototecnica patented vacuum gripping systems.


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