Octopus is perfect for a lot of applications: we talked about them here on the blog, in several occasions.

Robot integrators know that Vuototecnica is synonymous with efficiency and flexibility, in all application sectors.

In this video, for example, BO 08 60 X Octopus bar deals with the handling of wooden slats with a precision which is really difficult to find with other gripping methods.

You can see that the bar does not take up a lot of space, just what is needed for the grip and that, among other things, it can already hold the vacuum source on board.

The vacuum switch for controlling each step is also integrated on the bar.

It may seem simple to you, but there are Vuototecnica staff’s researches and tests behind this application .

Octopus is in fact very easy to integrate and use for the end user but it is a sophisticated device.

To learn more and study technical specifications: www.vuototecnica.net


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