Moving medicines packs with Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders


In the video below, you can see Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders, in this specific case powered by 150510SX ejector.

As you can see, cylinders have been equipped with suction cups, to take and move medicine boxes. The stems come out until the suction cups meet the package.

When the contact is created thanks to the lip of the suction cup, the stems retract instantly lifting the box.

In this way, you don’t need to use electric or pneumatic axes for the grip, because the vertical axis of lifting is made with vacuum cylinders only.

In addition, the cylinders self-level and rise when the suction cup touches the box.

So, the suction cups never crush and ruin the impact surface, even when there is a change in the type of box to be taken on the conveyor belt (for example for different heights), contrary to what happens instead with the electric and pneumatic cylinders, which need continuous adjustment.

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