Oils, grease and fuels are no longer a problem with Vuototecnica BENZ compound suction cups.


In the automotive industry there is often the need to manipulate stamped or deep drawn metal sheets which then go on to make up the bodywork or other components of an automobile.

Today’s automatic industry allows performing all phases of automobile production with robots, but these do not always represent the most ideal solutions for the gripping metal plates and glass that are in contact with oils, grease and fuels. The result is imprecision in work and poor safety in the workplace.

Vuototecnica solves these problems by manufacturing different types of suction cups for the automotive sector: flat, bellows, elliptical, and maxigrip, of different shapes and sizes.

The suction cups are made of BENZ compound, and resistant to chlorine which is usually present in the oils for stamping and deep drawing sheet metal, and they carry out their work flawlessly, regardless of the weight and cleanliness of the load.

The maxigrip suction cups provide an unparalleled grip, even on very oily and wet surfaces; as a matter of fact, the liquids are easily drained, without any worries. The grip lip is extremely sensitive and this makes manipulation easy, whatever the shape of the object to be gripped, whether it be concave, flat or convex.

If you’re thinking that a strong grip may be broken, warped or leave unwanted marks on the surfaces, think again, because despite the high friction coefficient, Vuototecnica suction cups are designed with extreme attention to materials and the application processes.

In addition, a wide range of supports and accessories are available which can be installed on any type of robot.

Discover our solutions for the automotive sector.


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