Vuototecnica Polimarche Racing Team sponsor at Bologna Motor Show


The Bologna Motor Show just closed its doors, a must trade fair for the Italian and International automotive industry.

And, in a sense, we were also there, as a sponsor for Polimarche Racing Team, team of the Polytechnic University of the Marche region who attended the exhibition to showcase Peacock 3 car.

Vuototecnica RVP40 vacuum pumps were in fact used in vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging operations and in the processing of the carbon fiber for this racing car. (We talked about this product in our previous post, if you like to deepen.)

The students engaged with technical excellence in the creation of the prototype. Using basic design principles, sophisticated machinery thanks to University and sponsors, Peacock pushed these guys in the fields of cutting-edge engineering technology in Formula SAE.

Italian excellence and research can only lead to something good. And you, did you visit the booth of Polimarche Racing Team?


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