Vuototecnica succeeds where others fail


Among the many successes achieved by Vuototecnica, we shall highlight one that is particularly outstanding. With the English branch, Vuototecnica UK, was recently designed for a known producer of bricks and paving, a system for handling different types of bricks with a single Octopus gripping head.

Octopus has permitted the depalletiser robot to work continuously, even in a highly dusty environment, such as that of production. The savings and end productivity have been greatly increased, without the need for costly downtime to adapt the suction plate to the different brick formats.

The Octopus depression gripping systems are the most flexible response for the palletising robot and depression gripping systems in general and in fact enable the gripping of objects of any shape and size. The greatest advantage is that there is no need to change or reposition the suction cups during the working phases.

For information on the technical characteristics of Octopus and to learn more about the use of the suction planes of the series, visit the Vuototecnica website. A paper-based version of the catalogue can be requested or the iPad application can be downloaded on AppStore..


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