Cleanliness and efficiency in the rice sector


In September, the rice is collected. ThroughoutItaly, operators of the sector are engaged in activities of selection and packaging of this food that will then be the king of winter tables. Once packaged, however, it must be distributed, necessitating palletising robots able to manipulate very heavy sacks and to insert them without damaging into boxes intended for end distributors.

Vuototecnica proposes an innovative Octopus vacuum gripper system with suction plates specially created for the gripping of paper or plastic sacks containing cereals, powders, loose products or liquids. The suction plates have a spongy seal which limits deformations of the sack while gripping and guarantees uniform contact with the entire surface thus avoiding tearing of the package and problematic vacuum leaks. The spongy rubber maintains its elasticity even after many work cycles, is self-adhesive, easily replaceable and is made of a special compound that also allows gripping on very irregular surfaces.

When working in dusty environments such as in the case of agricultural and food companies, it is important to prevent the problematic stoppage of gripping systems. Vuototecnica has also thought of this and Octopus provides self-cleaning micro-holes on the suction plates. The dust that is inevitably suctioned through the micro-holes is instead trapped by a filter disc made of stainless steel mesh, located inside the bar base box which in any case permits easy inspection for cleaning.

The very fine dust, impossible for the filter disc to trap, is ultimately suctioned and expelled by the vacuum generator.

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