Taking biscuits with Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups: cleaning and assuring the gripping


Christmas is coming and the sweetest symbol of this celebration, as well as Pandoro and Panettone, are biscuits, with a thousand shapes and consistencies. They are on everyone table; sweet manufacturers are working at full capacity for this to happen. Even Vuototecnica is part of the production process of these delights.

In the video, you can see in action Bernoulli (BEC) suction cups on famous butter biscuits located in round aluminum boxes, so beloved during tea time.

As you can see, biscuits have irregular shapes, some of them have little holes that would be an obstacle, in other conditions. Not with Bernoulli suction cups. Suited to take every baked product, they generate a flow of lamellar air that arises between them and the biscuit. There is no contact in the grip and in this way you can also avoid the aspiration of crumbs, sugar, and various garnishes, while in traditional systems with rubber suction cups, you are obliged to clean the vacuum circuit every week because of the aspiration of dust and leftovers.


The interesting thing is that BEC suction cups, despite they do not involve direct contact with the product to handle, are equipped with stabilizers pins so that the biscuit does not rotate. The stabilizers are made of silicone rubber for food, totally suitable to correctly position picked up products.

Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups operate from a supply minimum pressure of 1 bar.

You can find technical sheet on www.vuototecnica.net


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