Uniqueness and choice: Vuototecnica vacuum reducers


For more than thirty years, the first company to produce these special devices, Vuototecnica proposes a vast and varied range of vacuum reducers, the only company able to offer such a wide range of models.

Vacuum reducers find their greatest application on centralised plants.

Unlike vacuum relief valves, they do not release air into the circuit, thereby allowing for the creation of several grip points with different degrees of vacuum and a single central depression source. They are able to adjust the degree of vacuum and to keep this constant with the required value.

In particular, Vuototecnica produces: 

  • manual adjustment vacuum reducers, with suitable knurled screw, enabling the adjustment of various vacuum values, also close to the atmospheric pressure;
  • pneumatic adjustment vacuum reducers that can also be installed away from the control point, provided there is a pressure regulator on the control panel to adjust the vacuum values. The pneumatic reducers work by acting on the pressure of the compressed air supply of the pneumatic cylinder in a proportional manner: the higher the pressure, the greater the degree of vacuum and vice versa.

Vuototecnica reducers avoid the vacuum deformation of objects are therefore particularly suitable for actions of gripping and release of delicate or deformable items.

Made of anodised aluminium, they work in any position and are easy to install; they can be fully inspected and cleaned repeatedly and made effortlessly ready for use again, unlike many products of competitors that are made of plastic and are disposable.

For more information on the Vuototecnica vacuum reducers visit www.vuototecnica.net


  1. are you saying here that the vacuum pressure can be modulated to specified amount without affecting the flow of the circuit ?

    that means I can tune the vacuum from -.95 barr down to -0.8 barr
    and keep the vacuum pump flow rate at 20 cubic meters / hour constant ?

    i.e vary the vacuum level but leave the flow rate alone ?


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