Octopus improves the performance of your robots


In the video below you can see in action Vuototecnica mini Octopus SO DO 10X installed on a Nachi collaborative robot (co-bot).

These robots are ideal when it comes to work closely with operators and for very light loads (about ten kilos maximum). They find a valid ally and a clever implementation in Octopus SO DO 10X which, with its very contained weight and size, can handle objects up to 15 kilos – thus exceeding the limit that can be managed by the co-bot.

Please notice how it easily moves objects of different shapes, weights and sizes, with even very irregular surfaces: an orange, a tetrapak and other different packaging. It has an incredible operational flexibility.

SO DO 10X obviously has all the advantages of the Octopus we have talked about up to now on the blog: quality materials, grip and release in safety, low maintenance, ability to grip even when the surface of the object to be taken occupies only 5% of the plan.

Octopus SO DO 10X is available with sponge rubber or with suction cups, depending on the application and the objects to be handled.

To find out more: www.vuototecnica.net