Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders: the magic of vacuum gripping in the printing industry


The gripping of small printed or thermoformed objects as well as the separation of sheets of paper, plastic and metal plate is a critical step in the process of printing or silk screen printing as undesired deformations and compressions could be created on the surface of the pieces to be manipulated.

Furthermore, the entire operation must be carried out in short and rapid cycles  with the maximum guarantee of holding and precision.

The Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders on which various types of suction cups can be installed according to  need have been specifically designed for this type of application, and offer several advantages for users.

They work through vacuum and are equipped with a front vacuum chamber and a rear atmospheric pressure chamber. The greater the differential pressure between the two chambers, the greater the thrust of the piston to which the perforated stem is connected and to which it is possible to assemble a suction cup for gripping. The suction cup will retain the object as long as the vacuum remains engaged. Then the stem will return to its original position.

The cylinders are made in anodised aluminium and have a particular technopolymer bushing that is able to proceed independently to lubrication, thus ensuring good duration. Additionally, they have an antirotation piston, and are able to automatically compensate for the heights of objects to be picked up.

They are available in the sizes and dimensions that can be seen at this link.

To find out about the technical specifications and to request further information visit the website


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