Formula E is the world’s first championship for electric single-seaters, created in 2014 with the aim of promoting electric mobility and the development of alternative and sustainable energies. It differs from Formula 1 not only in the type of propulsion, but also in the format of the races, which take place on urban circuits of around 2-3 km, in cities such as New York, Paris, Rome, Zurich and Hong Kong. The races are more participative than Formula 1, thanks also to interactive elements such as fanboost and attack mode, which allow drivers to receive extra power based on fan voting or passing through a specific area of the track.

The Formula E cars all have the same battery and chassis, but each team can customise their engine, inverter, gearbox and cooling system. They can reach a maximum speed of 280 km/h and are equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system, which allows the battery to be recharged during braking. The battery has a capacity of 56 kWh and lasts for the entire race.

Formula E is a racing series that aims to be at the forefront not only from a technological point of view, but also from a social and environmental one. In fact, it supports various initiatives in favour of UNICEF and the FIA Girls On Track programme, which encourages the participation of women in sport. Moreover, it has a very low environmental impact compared to other categories as well as offsetting residual emissions through reforestation and biodiversity conservation projects.

Above all, however, it is a showcase for car manufacturers who want to display their expertise and innovations in the field of electrification. Among the teams participating in the championship are prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche and Nissan. The aim is also to use the experience and data gathered in Formula E to improve production electric cars and offer consumers more efficient, high-performance and sustainable solutions.

Among the companies helping the automotive sector in the transition to electric and other forms of alternative fuelling is Vuototecnica, a leading manufacturer of vacuum components and systems for the automotive industry.

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