Vacuum testing for food product packaging


The airtightness of packaging, above all for certain food products, is extremely important for maintaining the product’s flavour and aroma, even for days on end.

Vuototecnica has come up with an electric vacuum testing device that’s designed to help food producers check the airtightness of the flow packs used to package snack foods and other products.

The device is easy to use and is quite effective. Just place the package to be tested inside the transparent Plexiglas casing. By creating a vacuum inside the casing itself, the pressure differential that’s generated between the inside of the package and the volume of the depressurized casing causes the packaging to swell, thus exerting pressure upon the flow pack’s seals.

The customer even has the possibility of setting the test’s vacuum level (based on the legal or regulatory requirements) using the mini vacuum switch integrated within the ATS system, thus ensuring the consistency and repeatability of the airtightness tests themselves.

The ATS systems can even be used for the airtightness or destructive testing of jars of preserves and aluminium or plastic packaging elements.

The ATS vacuum testing devices are comprised of a dry vacuum rotating vane pump (to be selected based on the casing’s volume and the desire vacuum level to be obtained), a sealed support surface, a vacuum gauge for indicating the vacuum level, a mini vacuum switch for adjusting the vacuum level, an electric control device and a folded sheet steel body with anti-vibration feet for housing all the components. Since the testing values ​​are fully adjustable and repeatable, they do not need to be re-adjusted each time the tests are carried out. The standard units are available in two models: The ATS 20, with a 21.5 litre casing and a VTS 10 M model pump, and the ATS 05, with a 5.5 litre casing and a VTS 4M model pump.

Custom models can be designed and manufactured upon request.

The technical specifications and further information regarding Vuototecnica’s vacuum testing devices can be found in the on-line catalogue, which is available at the website


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