Positionable articulated joints: the flexibility of the human body on robots



One of the greatest limitations that the field of industrial automation has always encountered in its efforts to replace human beings on production lines is the lack of flexibility and manoeuvrability that the human body itself is capable of. This is particularly true of all movements involving the tilting of surfaces or the rotation of specific elements.

These types of movements are extremely important in every industrial sector, and even more so in the automotive industry, when the curved and uneven surfaces of car bodies or special moulded plastic elements need to be extracted from the production presses, for example.

Thanks to a number of intelligent engineering solutions, Vuototecnica has succeeded in obtaining this ease of handling, even in situations where the extraction of the pieces or elements was difficult in the past.

Vuototecnica’s positionable articulated joints (GSV and GSVF), made from anodized aluminium, replicate the flexibility of the human body and combine it with the strength and speed of the most advanced robotic solutions.

These joints allow the installed vacuum cups to be rotated 360 degrees and to be tilted on their axes by up to 35 degrees in order to properly position them with respect to the gripping surface on the object to be handled, while at the same time ensuring a perfect grip and proper suction through the joint itself.

They are available in the catalogue with standard male or female threading, 1/8″-1/4″-3/8″ gas.

They are recommended for use with grippers in conjunction with maxigrip cups, which are perfect for the automotive industry and all EOAT (end of arm tooling) applications that require the vacuum cups to be adapted to convex, concave or contoured surfaces.

To find out more, please download the VuototecnicaVacuum Solutions catalogue from the website www.vuototecnica.net





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