A firm grip of marble industry


The marble industry requires increasingly precise and safe gripping and handling systems.

In this video you can see the efficacy of the new PVR 25 MS ejector, specifically designed for this industry.

Vuototecnica recommends using this new ejector, which can be integrated directly with the suction cup, on block cutting machines and strips of marble in the presence of dust and water. In particular, to grip and handle marble and granite slabs.

Its shape allows dust and small processing residues to be suctioned without clogging. Everything is discharged in the atmosphere through the ejector.

PVR 25 MS is equipped with a standard SSX free flow silencer and can generate a flow rate of 9.6 m3/h. The vacuum level is equal to -700mbar (70%) with a 3 bar operating pressure.

Being integrated with the suction cup allows the reduction of negative volumes to be emptied; this way the suction cup can grip the slabs at a faster rate.

Moreover, it is equipped with a standard 12 05 10 digital vacuum microswitch, a small device that sends a precise signal to the control panel in only 0.1 milliseconds as soon upon reaching the required vacuum level.

This is particularly useful when handling travertine slabs, which have an uneven and perforated surface. Thanks to the prompt signal that the 12 05 10 vacuum switch sends to the automation, it is easy to see which vacuum cups are in gripping mode and if there are enough of them to handle the load.

This is a major difference with central vacuum systems (with rotating vane or liquid ring vacuum pump), where it is difficult, if not impossible to understand which and how many vacuum cups are in gripping mode, thereby making load handling less safe.

The particular shape of the internal resting surface of the round flat suction cup shown in the video allows for a high friction coefficient and a practically perfect seal.

The 08…40 series of vacuum cups is equipped with double sealing lips, which makes it easier to grip particularly rough surfaces, such as that of sawn marble.

To know the technical features of the components and contact the staff: www.vuototecnica.net


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