Octopus and the taking of wooden bars


You can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system in this video; it is integrated on an anthropomorphic robot which deals with the management of wooden bars.

As you can see, the wooden bars are removed very easily from the robot, to be placed elsewhere and finally blocked by a strapping tape.

In this application, the bars function as support or spacers for overlapping several crates.

The aim is to build solid wood structures for packaging, in a safe and firm way.

It seems so simple to see, that you never suspect there are many hours of work by Vuototecnica designers and staff behind this application, to produce a top product.

OctopusOctopus is simple for the end user but it is a highly sophisticated device. It works even when the object to be taken occupies only 5% of the vacuum table and it is built with quality materials.

Octopus bar you can see in this video is perfectly suited to the irregularity of the wood surface, thanks to the presence of foam rubber, which provides excellent gripping.

You can also note how little space the bar occupies, it hosts already the source of vacuum on board (a Vuototecnica pneumatic vacuum generator with multiples ejectors).

The compressed air passes through the links already built into the robot simplifying the distribution circuit and avoiding harmful and delicate external tubing that would otherwise limit the rotation and the movement of the robotic arm.

There is also a vacuum switch on the bar for controlling the outlet in each step.

To learn more about Octopus, to see specifications and options, visit www.vuototecnica.net


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