Have you ever been on an airplane and had a package of some snack bulging in your hands because of the pressure?

Commercial passenger planes have pressurized cabins. When they take off, the pressure inside the plane is the same as the pressure outside. When the plane climbs in altitude, an adjustment is made to keep cabin pressure constant. Depending on the structure of the aircraft, once the differential between the cabin and the outside reaches a certain level, the cabin air pressure starts to decrease and, according to regulations, it stops. Somewhat like we are 2400 meters above sea level, regardless of how high we are.

As a result, the air in the packages tends to expand in the presence of less pressure aboard the aircraft.

It’s a reasoning that manufacturers don’t take for granted because they need to be sure that the package is sealing even at that height to ensure the fragrance and preservation of the product.

That’s why Vuototecnica offers the ATS testing system, an easy device for checking the tightness of flowpack seals of various food products.

The package placed inside the bell tends to inflate due to the same reasoning given so far about the airplane: the greater the degree of vacuum reach in the bell of the testing device, the greater the pressure that the air contained in the package exerts on the walls and, consequently, on the seals.

Vuototecnica’s test devices consist of:

– A movable bell made of transparent Plexiglas.

– A table top with gasket.

– A rotary vane, dry vacuum pump.

– Two manual, two-way valves for vacuum interception.

– A vacuum gauge for direct reading of the degree of vacuum and the introduction of atmospheric air into the chamber at the end of the cycle.

– An electrical control equipment, enclosed in a special protected box, with a digital vacuum switch installed, for adjusting the vacuum degree in the bell.

– A folded sheet steel frame, with anti-vibration feet, for assembling all the above components.

According to the degree of vacuum to be achieved, the most suitable vacuum generator is also chosen and the values can be adjusted, even repeating them automatically.

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