Code: 08 30 24S. Mission: manipulate plastic films avoiding the occlusion during the suction


083024SVuototecnica proposes solutions to solve many problems of manipulation in the packaging field.

For gripping and opening plastic bags for packaging but also in all cases ofmanipulation of materials particularly thin and flexible, Vuototecnica has designed a special sucker: the 08 30 24S.

The support of the suction cup can be made of nickel-plated brass or anodized aluminum and is provided with a central pin, threaded, male or female, to allow the suction and the fastening on the automated equipment.
But what makes  08 30 24S  truly unique is the gripping lip: very thin, soft and flexible, which easily adapts to the ripples of plastic films.

Furthermore, the suction cup is provided with an internal labyrinth of abutment which prevents the obstruction by the plastic film, of the central suction hole;  to avoid  the reduction of the force/diameter of the cup.
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