Vuototecnica works every day to design gripping solutions that are flexible and facilitate customers, whatever their business sector.

In the following video you will find some examples of this flexibility in the use of flat and bellows elliptical suction cups (in the catalogue).

These suction cups are generally used for gripping and handling cardboard boxes, wooden boards, ceramic tiles, iron or stainless steel sheets, and whatever have long and narrow grip surfaces.

In the video you can see them performing on different types of material, from plexiglass, to brick, from steel to glass, from plastic to tin.

All this happens with the maximum stability of grip, as you can see, thanks to a labyrinth structure, inside the suction cups, able to adapt also perforated or knurled, uneven and rough surfaces, as that of the tile, or slightly rounded surfaces: it is the case of the small green tube and of the tin can.

The bellow design of the elliptical suction cup also allows the compensation of heights during the job, even in the case in which we work with packages of bulk and liquid products, which are easily malleable, or when the surface of the object is not perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the suction cup.

In addition, Vuototecnica suction cups allow greater ease and rate of release.

They are usually available in three standard compounds, but, on request, we can provide them in special compounds and with the most suitable accessories.

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  1. would you be able to supply me with part numbers 01 20 06S and also 01 12 30S? Please let me know Thanks


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