When the vacuum source is missing: Vuototecnica self-locking vacuum cups!


Whenever it is not possible, useful or convenient to create a vacuum using an external vacuum source, like a vacuum pump or vacuum generator, or wherever the items to be handled are being shifted along an assembly line’s belt conveyor, Vuototecnica’s pull-release clamping vacuum cups represent the ideal solution for retaining easy-to-grip components with smooth impermeable surfaces, like glass panes or sheet metal.

Some applications include the handling of windshields on the automobile industry’s assembly lines, the handling of stainless steel objects like pots and kitchen accessories during ther various stages of production (painting, drying, etc.), the handling of marble products for construction use and the handling of glass panes by robotic systems.

These applications do not require the use of external vacuum sources since the objects themselves create the vacuum when pressed against the vacuum cups, while the integrated check valve ensures that the grip is maintained. In order to release the product, the vacuum cup just has to be slightly raised and the check valve will open in order to restore the atmospheric pressure.

Vuototecnica’s pull-release clamping vacuum cups are made from nickel-plated brass with steel guide bushes, and are even available in a non-rotating version. Vuototecnica is even capable of customizing its products to meet the customer’s specific requirements. For more information, please visit: www.vuototecnica.net



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